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Client Testimonials
Client Testimonials

A few client testimonials that reinforce the service quality, efficiency and customer satisfaction provided by Travel2u:

Sent: 27 June 2017

Good morning Dov – attached please find Jhonny’s revised itinerary for your information. I have provided him with a complete set of copies. He will be leaving South Africa on 18 July 2017 and connect in Frankfurt on 19 July 2017 to Santa Domingo. 


Client: Dear Cristina (Travel2U) – thank you for all the effort that you have put in to make this happen. Much appreciated.


Kind regards


Sent: 17 March 2017


Hi Christina.
I trust you are well?
I’d like to pass on the business to you as your service was always exceptional.
I need to go to Australia in a few months’ time but before we look at flights can you give me an idea of the cost of doing an Australian multiple entry business visa for me?


Sent: 25 January 2017


Thanks Caressa, appreciate the help well done for the quick service.



Sent: 17 January 2017

Subject: You have received a new recommendation from Dirk

Since Cristina has joined our chapter and I had the pleasure dealing with her and her company
Travel 2 U on numerous occasions, I have no hesitation recommending her to my closest
friends and colleagues. Thank you Cristina for an excellent service



Sent: 19 August 2016


Hi Cristina 

You are very welcome and thank you for taking the time and effort to bring the biscuits

Also on your company’s great service specially from Khumbo


Have a nice weekend




Agent response:

Hi Colin


Thank you for spoiling us with  great stuff!!. I love the power bank. I did not have one and now it’s one thing less my budget list :)!!


Thank you for your  kindness and continued support. It’s much appreciated.

Many Thanks


Sent: 22 August 2016

Hi Cris,

Thank you for arranging a wonderful vacation. The travel arrangements were super as usual. The Condotti Hotel in Rome was excellent and well situated.



Sent: 08 August 2016

Morning Cristina,

Thanks once again for your professional service and patience .



Sent: 15 July 2016

Hi Khumbo 

Firstly, I want to say a big thank you from Matt and I for all the help, advice and arrangements made! You really went above and beyond to help us, even though we left a few things to the last minute so thanks a lot.

The trip was amazing and the accommodation and flights were all great. We were fortunate not to have any major delays nor any problems in any of the hotels, however Matthew's bag was sent on a later Emirates flight to Johannesburg. It was delivered in the evening and Emirates overall were great.

The staff were friendly, the rooms clean and all extras were provided as advertised.

I look forward to the next trip already.

Kind regards 

Hi Cristina,
I would like to thank you for your outstanding service. We never have been “pampered ‘like this before!
Kind regards,

Thanks Khumbo

Again I just need to mention that your service is exceptional, no matter how difficult it is to find the flights that Gavin needs, you are always friendly, helpful and go the extra mile.

You are an asset to Travel 2U

Kind Regards 


Hi Vanuza

Thank you. That puts a smile on my face and makes me  go another  extra mile ! It’s  always  a pleasure working with you. Searching for  Gavins’  flights helps me  think out of the box- puts my brain to  good use!

Kind Regards Khumbo

Sent: 11 December 2015 08:49 AM

Good Morning Cristina,

Thank you for all your assistance this morning and the professionalism that you show. It is really a breath of fresh air.

Much appreciated

From: Justin
Sent: Tuesday, October 27, 2015 9:23 AM
To: Cristina Singleton
Subject: Efficient

Morning Khumbo 

I have been so impressed by your service, the only reason we did not book is our issues getting an unabridged birth certificate for my daughter.

Once we have it we will be looking to use your agency to book for further holidays....


Thank you


Thanks Cristina,


As always you are really on the ball.


Kind Regards,

Peter Jenkins

Hi Christina

Thank you kindly for this, know you were up late to be able to do this for us


Appreciate you and your teams hard work , fantastic service and extra mile……


Kind Regards


Good day

Many thanks, you are on the ball, I wish our country was run the way you do your business.



Hi Cristina

Thank you so much for your concern.

My dad arrived safely and he mentioned the wonderful service he had received from all concerned.

Everything went well and he is looking good.

Thank you so much

Kind regards


Good Morning Cristina

From booking the holiday to the actual stay at Maxim’s Crystal Beach was nothing but a wonderful experience.  Your team and yourself really found the best deal for our budget and thank
you for that. 

Departing from Cape Town gave us the experience that our holiday started the minute we boarded the plane. The flight was good even if the food a bit poor, but, since we did not expect much for “transition food”  it was not a deal breaker.

The Maxims Crystal Beach Resort, was value for money for sure. The all exclusive package a very good deal.  Everything was included except for tours etc. The staff was very friendly and accommodating and the rooms, though basic, were once again good value for money. What I did find a bit annoying was that the rooms were not timeously cleaned and we had to often call reception to request room service. But we soon got use to a “cleaning schedule”….so all in all….once again, good value for money.

The beach itself was stunning. Dining areas were clean. Food was food….sometimes good….sometimes average. But once again, I cannot re-iterate, value for money.

I would definitely recommend Travel2U as a travel agent and the Maxims Crystal Beach Resort All Inclusive package for a holiday in Mauritius.

Thanks once again Cristina

Looking to utilise your services for our next holiday in 2015.

Have a lovely day.

Kind regards

Karen Hiss

Dear Cristina

It's ALWAYS a pleasure to do business through you!!!  Everything went smoothly and there were no complaints. They enjoyed the rugby a lot - just glad the Springbok's won the game!

Thank you for everything!


Hi Khumbo,

Thank you for the prompt service. Makes my travel really easy.



Hello Cristina

Fernando has just visited me in Dakar and during a conversation about flight bookings and travel management he told me about the amazing service that you are currently giving to his company for their needs.

I would like to find out if there is a possibility that you would be able to do the same for us even though you are in South Africa and we are in Sénégal.



Dear Cristina and Khumbo

Just a very big thank you for the huge birthday surprise

I didn’t expect it all but truly appreciate it, it made my birthday very special .

All the staff had their share in the lovely tasty cake and the ones that thought they were going to stick to their diets dropped it in a instance when they heard the compliments from the non dieters....

Thank you so much for your personal and very efficient service , we do value it very highly

Kind Regards


Hi Khumbo

He had a good flight thanks, so that means J.

Your service is always great, it’s a pleasure working and supporting travel2u.


Vanuza Krige

Hi Cristina

Thank you ever so much ! The savings is really appreciated ! What can I say , you ladies are stars and go the extra mile for your clients !

Kind Regards


Dear Christina,

Rather late than never, but I have to give comments on our recent Boat Cruise you booked for us through Thompson Tours.

We had a splendid time right from the morning when the staff from Siva Tours picked us up at our hotel to the end of the cruise.

The boat was lovely, the staff on the boat absolutely professional and exceptionally friendly and helpful.

Not once did we have a problem that was not solved in seconds, it was great fun and can really recommend it to all your customers.

Bill McMahon of Siva Tours  was the guide that also looked after us with his other group he then already travelled with for a week.

His knowledge, his friendliness, his absolute fantastic way of organising all for us, did not matter what it was, we were treated at all times as VIP’s!!!

Nothing was too much for Bill,  one could see his relationship with the staff on the boat was fantastic, and leaving the boat to the islands and  getting our luggage off the Boat very early the morning we docked at the end of the tour , not having to wait for hours to get it, on to the buss to our hotels,  what an asset Bill is to Siva Tours!!!!

May I say, if you ever want to promote the cruise to your customers, please ensure you can use the services of Bill McMahon of Siva Tours at all times, then you will have very happy customers.

Thanking you for the booking and  Bernard Murfin and Gretchen Stols  will always be there for a good reference if need be.

Kindest Regards

Bernard and Gretchen

Dear Cristina

Just a short note and a big thank you for advising us to take out insurance cover for our Baltic Cruise.

As you know my sister in law lost her brother just before they were to join us on the Baltic cruise and consequently was only able to join the cruise in Helsinki – the second last leg of the cruise.  I submitted our claim on our return – August 2013 and after lots of emails , calls to the USA , constant perseverance and tons of patience, we finally received settlement of our claim.

Thank you again , Insurance is always a grudge purchase but in this instance well worth it.

Kind Regards


Dear Cristina

We would like to thank you for everything you booked us and you truly went above and beyond in organising our trip. From your patience at the start with all the emails organising our limited time in South Africa, to the smooth transition of flights around South Africa and Zambia, it was an unforgettable holiday. All the hotels you booked us were excellent and your attention to detail ensured everything went smoothly. We wish you all the best in your new venture and with your commitment to your customers, I am sure it will do brilliantly.

Please let us know if you are over this way in Australia and New Zealand as we would love to meet up with you and show you this part of the world.

Best wishes


Thank you for assisting us in arranging for our trip.  We had an awesome time.

The flights were fine & the day spent in Athens was unbelievable!!!!

Thank you again =)


Tobie & Jean-Marie Olivier


Hi C,

Thanks very much for the gift, what a surprise and really appreciated.

Fantastic dealing with you, on the ball!!!



Hi Cristina

Many thanks for your assistance, its great service like yours which will keep me coming back.

I completed the online booking form the day I paid the deposit, I also received the email below from MSC, so I presume that is all that is needed until the 21st October 2012. 

Many thanks once again, see you soon.


Angie Meintjes


Hi Cristina,

We’re safely back and had a marvellous time in Croatia. All flight arrangements were perfect and well organised.

Thanks again for your effort.


Johan van der Merwe


Dear Cristina

Thank you very much for your excellent service.

Have a wonderful day.




Hi Cristina.

Thank you very much. It’s been an absolute pleasure booking flights with your company. 

Kind regards.



Good morning Cristina,

All went well &again they said that it is the best idea for Dad to have a wheelchair….

Thanks again for all your wonderful efficiency & always going the extra mile to help… it is very much appreciated… J J J

Have a lovely weekend & take care always… J J J

Lotsa luv




Dear Cristina

I would like to thank you for everything you guys did to ensure the smooth arrangements for the flights to Italy and back. Thank you also for the extra effort in phoning me in Italy to look at possible flights for France Mont Pellier. I will definitely be contacting you soon to arrange for flights in January 2013 to Italy Vicenza.

Kind regards

J.A Bezuidenhout

Hi Cristina
If you’re back, I hope you had a wonderful time.

I feel it absolutely necessary to tell you that Khumbo was a gem whilst you were away.

She was exceptionally efficient and on-the-ball.

She really held up the fort.

Speak to you soon.

Hallo Khumbo

Please see attached Proof of Payment and for Philip’s passport copy

Thank you for the awesome service! 



I wanted to first say thank you for the work you put in to help us find our perfect spot. I also can easily say that we have never visited a more “perfect” spot. We had the most amazing time and said the whole trip this was the best decision we ever made. I am very thankful you were patient with us in picking where we went and continued to give such great service with quotes and different possibilities. We truly had the best vacation. I would higgghhhhllyyy recommend the Le Victoria to anyone else going on holiday. We felt very special at such an amazing hotel.  Everything was great from the rooms, the beach, the staff, the food, and the activities. The Hotel was in perfect harmony with how we envisioned it. The kids club was amazing, my son did not want to go on any trip with us he just wanted to stay with them. We were able to relax, while still having tons of activities at our finger tips to enjoy when we wanted. So again I can’t thank you enough for what you have done.

Kaylene Taaibos 

Thank you so much Cristina. See you soon.

P S You are fantastic and I am so grateful for all your assistance 



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